Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Moon-Earth System Is Vacuum Gravity Energy Machine

New paper from talk radio veteran and physicist reveals a hint about the nature of universal gravity that may have been overlooked

GRANTS PASS, Ore., Jan. 10, 2011 -- In "Tidal Forces: A Different Theory," as presented at Caltech to the American Physical Society on Oct. 30, 2010, Roy Masters revisits the theories describing the moon raising the tides by virtue of pull gravity combined with the moon's centripetal angular momentum. Masters shows that if gravity is considered the attractive interaction between individual bodies, then a working moon would have fallen to earth eons ago.

Masters, founder of Gravity Driven Universe ( and the host of the national radio program “Finding God in Physics” (, explains, "Isaac Newton's laws of motion cannot work with pull gravity, but they do with Einstein's gravity as a property of the universe, which produces a continuous infusion of energy. In other words, the moon-Earth system becomes the first observable vacuum gravity energy machine. The dynamics of what appears to be a closed system has been producing energy that continues raising the tides into perpetuity along with the escape momentum needed for the moon's centripetal escape momentum at 4 cm per year. This is in defiance of Newton's first law, which says, 'If no force is added to a body it cannot accelerate.'"

Masters further questions, "Even taking into account other factors that affect the system, the moon would either have stopped speeding up or the earth slowed down even more than has actually occurred unless some sort of hitherto unnoticed infusion of energy is occurring -- perhaps a vacuum gravity energy machine mechanism adding energy to and sustaining the earth's rotation, as I have proposed elsewhere. If the energy inputs and outputs to the Earth-moon-ocean system do not add up without assuming such an infusion, this would tend to confirm that something like what I have proposed may be going on at a deeper level than, and provide and underlying explanation for, the local gravitational effects that Newton's and Einstein's laws directly measure and summarize. This hint may lead us to deeper insight about what goes on behind the scenes."

“Tidal Forces: A Different Theory” is available for download at:

About Roy Masters
For 52 years, Roy has served as a daily voice of sanity and conscience to listeners of his radio show Advice Line. His writing and radio programs on physics can be found at Gravity Driven Universe (, including his popular paper concerning gravity being the “unifying field” (

Roy Masters
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Physics Radio Show: Finding God in Physics

Dear Friends:

The opportunity for which I have been waiting 50 years has arrived. Beginning this Saturday, 5 PM (Pacific), and Sunday 9 PM (Pacific), Talk Radio Network has asked me to do a radio show called Finding God in Physics.

Naturally, the focus will be on intelligent design, which incidentally begins with the science of awareness as the basic metaphysical tool for understanding the physics of all that has become physical.

I will begin with my own thesis, Gravity Driven Universe. You might want to download a copy and raise any questions you might have; especially as this subject will be a game-changer for all of physics.

Then we will proceed to Evolution and Paleontology that teach that man evolved from the primordial slime. Believe me, conventional science is destined to wake up one morning with a headache, hopefully one that will mend their rote-thinking ways. The program will merge the metaphysical into the reason behind everything that is physical.

My time has come. Thank you for the support that made this moment possible.

Listen Saturday at 5pm Pacific Time and Sunday at 9pm Pacific Time.

Here is the list of Radio Stations or you can listen on the internet.

The on-air number is 800-866-8883.
Outside the USA, call 001-541-665-0719.

With much appreciation for your generosity.

Love from,

Roy Masters

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Physics News: Roy Masters Explodes the Big Bang

New 3 hour Weekend Show on Saturdays 5pm to 8 pm PST and Sundays 9pm to Midnight PST

Gravity Driven UniverseGrants Pass, OR — Roy Masters has an alternative theory that blows Big Bang apart.

Masters is a veteran broadcaster and writer who’s made a career out of challenging accepted wisdom and debunking the “experts” who tell the rest of us what to think.

Masters’ controversial new thesis turns conventional science on its head. It shows how everything starts with gravity. We live in a gravity-driven universe where gravity isn’t just another force, it is actually the dominant, driving force that shapes all the others. Gravity is not a property of matter. It is not even a property of space. In fact, space, time and matter are all properties of gravity.

“If you know what gravity really is you will find energy at any point in space, just as Nikola Tesla predicted,” says Masters. He can explain how matter was created, where it comes from, and even how to get electricity from gravity.

You can download his white paper Gravity Driven Universe free and debate with him live on his new Weekend Show Saturdays 5pm to 8pm PST and Sundays 9pm to Midnight PST.

The Weekend Show can be heard on 60 new stations on Saturdays and Sundays.